Mario Kart Arcade GP DX Installation

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Let's just jump right in! Here's the article I wrote for reference. A few requirements:

If you don’t meet these requirements, this won’t be nearly as free, as the game won't really work without them.

First, download TeknoParrot. That’s easy, you can find it here. Install and run it, go through the update prompts, do all that. It’s easy.

Second, download game files. I’ve gotten my copy here and it works perfectly. Unzip it.

Third, download Steam, get an account, log in. If you game, you most likely already have it. While this isn’t required for single player, it is required for multiplayer, and it makes loading in much faster.

Fourth, download the English patch. This version is in Japanese, as the English version doesn’t have Banapass support (more on that later), but that means menuing is impossible to those who don’t know Japanese. However, this patch replaces a solid 95% of the text with English, making the game heavily playable. The remaining Japanese feels more like an added flair, so it works pretty well. Run it, find and link the .exe, and go.

Fifth, change settings. There’s three things to take care of: controls, executable, and Banapass support. Controls are easy, just bind them like you would on most other programs where it says to. Remember to use the controller you want to use in the game. Executable is easy too. Go to game settings, find where you downloaded the game files to, select the .exe, and bam.

Banapass support is essentially your save file. In the emulator, it’s essentially simulating putting an actual Banapass card on the receiver of the machine. It takes another log-in, which is done on the TeknoParrot website. Go here, register, go here, get your Banapass, copy the number, then paste it into the PlayerID spot in the game settings.

I also recommend going to the TeknoParrot general settings and turning the sTo0z zone to 10%, as well as doing some customization.

Make sure to run TeknoParrot in administrator mode so that way the online functions work. Otherwise, your Banapass won’t work and you can’t play multiplayer. You should also make sure Steam is open for faster startup times.

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