Plant Review

Plant Review is the only plant review show made by someone with very little plant experience.

I am not a botanist and I've never really wanted to be, but I've always enjoyed nature at least a little bit, and my parents have always put a solid amount of effort into gardening.

In addition to that, I once had the idea of reviewing random household objects as if they were videogames. My brain went from household objects to fruits and vegetables, and from those to plants in general, and a format was born.

Plant Review is just that - I review plants. I do some research, get some footage, and form an opinion. It's pretty fun and casual, and ends up being quite short as well.

Season 1 contains episodes for 6 different plants. The raw footage used in the episodes has also been released for free use.

Season 2 contains episodes for 8 different plants. The raw footage is planned to be released soon.

A third season will likely happen but is not currently planned.

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