I've decided I'm not a fan of programming, but I've done a few forays to figure this out. I've got experience with Python, Java, and Visual Basic, but none of that is reflected here.

In addition, there's things I can't link to.

I also have some experience with TI-Basic, making a puzzle/riddle solving game for it in high school. It was pretty neat and actually kind of big, something upwards of 80+ levels, but also lost to time at this point. (2014?)

It would also be incredibly difficult to link to this website as a concept since you're already here, but it absolutely counts. Everything here is done by hand. (2019-present)

There's also a wide variety of attempted projects that never got off the ground. I'll get those compiled eventually.

I can't imagine I'll pick up programming again, but who knows. Maybe I'll find a language I actually enjoy eventually.

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