Please do not spend any money on the Bandcamp pages as I likely do not have access to the funds in them! That money would be gone, forever! You should be able to download for free, or use a YT-to-MP3 site on the mirror links.

I'm not great at making music for the most part, but I've still tried, damn it. I like music and I've always been somewhat interested in making it in some capacity.

In addition, there's things I can't link to.

In middle/high school, I was a percussionist in band classes, and did marching band in high school. There's videos of some of the performances I was in, and I may collect them here in the future. (2013-2021)

None of this is the greatest in the world, but there's a couple tracks here that I'd even call pretty good. I may make more music in the future, but I wouldn't count on it.

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