School Unblocking Systems 2: Full Throttle

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As always, I'm on my bullshit. This is article 3 about school blocking systems, isn't it? Anyway, this one's probably the most "breaking" one, which puts the systems down to their bare essentials.

To explain, I recently got the virtual machine that's required for my second block class to work. I only have access to this in second block, which is my easiest pair of classes so far. One half is "do this quiz" and the other half can't even start yet, so I get time to goof off, and I figured out how to do it effectively. And, with some luck, maybe you can too.

At least for me, this requires two circumventions: software blocks and internet blocks.

Software blocks are why you're not an administrator at your school. They're there to prevent you from tampering from important settings, downloading unauthorized software, and running programs that may do things they don't want you doing. There's three ways to break this:

So you got past software blocks. Great! So did I, and that's what I actually needed to do for the class. We each need a Vbox with SQL Server 2017 Express, which you can't download normally. However, with the Vbox, you can! Now you and I can download anything we can access...but that's not everything.

Enter internet blocking. Wonder why you need to use Google Sites for your flash games? This is why: programs intercept those calls for sites and show you a message that basically just says no when it doesn't want you to go somewhere. My school actually uses four different types of internet blocking, which are all circumvented by one little piece of software.

Freshman year: Everything's peachy, I'm not attempting to gain a work ethic, and I'm bringing my own laptop to school for more control. I learn about Ultrasurf, install it at home, run it at school, and now I can do anything at all!

I get banned from bringing my own laptop the same year. I'm an idiot.

Either way, the memory of this contains one important piece of info: Ultrasurf! Lightweight, easy to use, XP styled VPN. Gets rid of all those pesky internet blockers. Ultrasurf's site is blocked at my school, but Google Drive isn't, and neither is phone data usage. I took a roundabout way: download Ultrasurf's .zip onto my phone, upload it to my Drive, download it from Drive onto the Vbox, and run it.

Suddenly, I can shitpost at school! I can play on Kongregate! I can likely download Steam and play games from there! Multiplayer games! Discord! All of the things that I couldn't see I now can!

In ye olden days of two/three years ago I'd play Tetris Friends, but that's kinda dead. Now, I pick and choose from the Gamehouse Games collection, since it's not a very powerful setup, and play some online games with other friends in the class.

That's the whole article. I don't have anything else, but there will be another one...

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