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In English we have to answer a question about ourselves in the beginning of class every day. They're pretty simple questions, but I think it would teach you a little more about me, so I'm going to take every single question from first quarter and put it in here. I also do a little bit of re-answering to make it more satisfying, and omit some questions that don't have interesting answers at all.

What is your weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse? I don't think I'd really have a set weapon. It's all about opportunity. If I had to choose, it'd be a dagger. They just seem cool.

Would you rather be a jack of all trades or master of one? I mean, have you seen this website? I'm already a jack of all trades. Besides, I'd rather get Cs and Bs than one A and the rest Fs.

Would you rather be trapped on a ski lift or elevator? Elevator. Safe, secure, and has wifi. Also, I'm afraid of heights and hate the cold. Ski lifts just don't seem like fun.

Would you rather explore deep space or ocean depths? Space. This is stuff we haven't touched yet. While we also haven't gone deep into the ocean very much, the amount of times I almost stepped on a spiky urchin when I went snorkeling is enough to make me not want to go any deeper.

What would you want on your own shirt? Short and sweet: "I need water." I'm not the best at remembering to have a beverage, so it'll be a good reminder. However, if I were to buy a shirt right now, it'd probably be this one. It would cause so much chaos.

Would you rather increase your IQ by 40 or have a photographic memory? Give me the photographic memory. IQ has no scientific connection to smarts if I remember correctly, and I forget things all the time.

What are your pronouns? He/him. Was born a guy, never felt like not a guy. Transphobes and TERFs can still fuck off.

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