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I've officially entered the workforce! I am now a distinguished and productive member of society, until you realize that I'm just a kid who works front desk at Jet's Pizza.

So yes, I have a job! Working has honestly been pretty fun, and I need something to keep me from being a complete ass to any opportunity of outside engagement, so I've been loving it. Dealing with customers (more on this later) is a lot easier than I thought, and making different food items is quite simple.

First, food. Obviously there's pizza, and that's simple: grab a dough tray, spread correct amount of sauce and cheese, add toppings, bake, cut, box, plastic table, done. Salads are simple too: lettuce, other things, close, bag, dressing cup, done. Subs...are hard.

Most subs are top, bake, top, box, sauce cup, done. But not every sub is like that. Pizza sub requires grab tray, add ingredients, bake, add to bread, add cheese, bake again, box, done. Steak and cheese requires cup, steak in cup, microwave steak, add to sub, add cheese, bake, box, done, but if my memory is correct there's a few steps missing there.

There's also breadsticks and deli boats and ranch bottles and cookies and wings and brownies and...all of these things are in demand. I can't make a boat, but they still get ordered.

Customers are usually pretty good. It's pizza, are you really gonna complain? It'll be good either way. The answer is...yeah, they'll complain sometimes.

Some of this is my fault. "No, we don't have slices on demand" is wrong and I should have known it was wrong. Yes, that's not your pizza, because it got mixed up with a completely separate delivery somehow. (45+ minute wait for that one. Ouch.) I absolutely put the address in wrong. Things like that.

But you don't have to tell me I hate my job.

Seriously, that first one was within my first week of working, and the woman who I was attempting to serve went all out on bullshit. Said "two or three slices" like I was supposed to know the exact amount, asked for the manager and then came into the store and complained when I put her on hold while the manager was busy (and asked for the manager again!), told me that I "clearly don't like" my job, and never ended up actually talking to the manager, paid for the pizza with no qualms, and left.

The second guy ended up kicking the front door open out of anger at one point. I still felt kinda bad, but only kinda.

With that in mind, some customers are definitely just dumb. Some dude took on two DoorDash orders at once and somehow expected them to both be ready at the same time even though there was a 20 ticket separation between them. That's a case of heavy hubris and I don't want to see it again, although I admire the attempt.

Most are completely fine though. Come in, pay for pizza, recieve pizza, grab extras, and sometimes tip, and don't be an ass. That's all it takes for my respect. Mainly the tip part, but it's not required.

I will judge your order though.

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