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I go to a STEM-based school, which means a lot of computers are used. A lot of things that can be accessed might not be appropriate for school, so of course, they get blocked. This is a pretty easy way to keep people on task if you need them to be.

However, sometimes the policies can go a bit far. NSFW content makes sense to block, as well as viruses, but some policies I just don't get. For example, any URLs with Weebly, Wix, or Google Sites all get blocked. The Google Sites thing is mainly its own story, but all I can gather from Weebly/Wix blocking is that they're personal sites.


What's the point? In previous years, I used Weebly to create a site for a school project, and I got an A. It's pretty clear that these can easily be educational tools, especially since my math teacher has a Wix site for all of his lessons. There's not much of a reason to just throw it out. Just block the actual offenders when reported and keep the rest open.

Games are also blocked, because of productivity concerns, but not effectively enough. TFGD has some stes that, if I didn't remove the tag system, would be marked as unblocked at my school. Which brings me to the Google Sites problem...

It was my fault. I created a site that was the "Unblocked Games Directory" and decided that advertising was a good idea. It wasn't. I got in trouble, the site got deleted, and I was given a stern warning...but that didn't stop me. I made "The Free Games Directory" (seem familliar?) on my personal account, which turned into the Cublex site, which turned into this Neocities site. And we're back to square 1: site that's unblocked with games on it.

They didn't even change anything, just postponed it! And it doesn't change all of the sites that are still unblocked even after my first site got discovered!

Blockers can also get overzealous in general, there's many times where I've tried to access sources for school project information I found at home and then the sites got blocked. Whoop de freakin do.

That's about the end of the rant, it's pretty clear my motives are shifty at best but I think some things could be improved.

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