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I like food, and also kinda need it to live, so I'm a big advocate for it. Cooking is an art I'd love to master, but as of now I'm a 16 year old who'd rather spend time playing rhythm games or managing a viewerless website than cook, so usually on weekends where meals aren't planned for me, I just eat cookies.

But that's not healthy, and definitely damages the blood sugar levels. I'm a horrible driver when I don't have an even blood sugar level, so what happens when I want to go to the local arcade to play some good old fashioned Dance Dance Revolution?

Well, I eat real food, of course. While "real" may be overstating it a bit, it's a hell of a lot better than three Oreos. There are two go-tos: microwavables and tuna cans.

As far as microwavables go, there's obviously some dos and do nots. Tex-mex microwavables aren't usually a good idea, and fish is always bad. Quick pasta meals and the White Castle sliders are good choices. There's also some nice single-serving burritos that my mom has found.

The macaroni and cheese cup is the dumpiest of the bunch: lonely, cheap, and inferior to the boxed kind. But it can be improved: pour on the sharp cheddar, sprinkle in some bacon bits, add a little of the hot sauce of your choice, and mix. Suddenly, it's way better! Bon appetitties.

But we can do better: invest in an air fryer.

An air fryer isn't as expensive as you think, and it's basically as effective as an oven, while being at microwave times, so it's a pretty quick option. Pizza rolls are godly in an air fryer, and you can cook chicken fries with curly fries to have a full Burger King meal without, y'know, dealing with Burger King.

Don't forget the oven. As far as "turn it on and go" goes, it fits fairly enough. Spinach mini pizzas really butter my bread rolls. (Seriously, spinach on pizza is underrated.)

Also, don't forget the oven. If you used it recently, it may still be on.

I haven't mentioned the tuna can once, but it's just another option. Open it up, squeeze the juices out, and you've got possibilities. Mix in mayo and dijon mustard and that's really only the beginning. You can put this in any form: tacos, sandwiches, melts, or even on its own if you really don't have time. Obviously you can add other things too: shredded cheese and guacamole are good options, but feel free to experiment a little.

That's about all I have to say on the topic. It's something that I can talk about a lot of without knowing everything.

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