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About the Website

This website is used as storage for everything I do, have done, or will do. If I'm interested in doing some sort of project, you can probably find it here. There's no specific reason for any of this for the most part, it's mainly used as a personal dumping ground for my thoughts and ideas, and the excecution of those. I'm also using it to learn and practice HTML and CSS, as website creation is heavily interesting to me.

About The Free Gaming Directory

Originally used to circumvent a school blocking system, TFGD is a list of sites and guides so you can play more games without spending a cent. No stone I find goes left unturned, and I'm happily taking suggestions at the comment box.

About Cublex

I'm just a 16 year old with a lot of thoughts and ideas who's looking for gratification on the internet. I'm interested in videogames (specifically rhythm, puzzle, platform, and incremental), speedcubing, marble runs, programming, recreational math, and a bunch of other things. I have ADHD, which makes it hard to focus on things I don't want to do, and instead turn my attention on things I do want to do. That's why this site gets updates so much. I'm also gay.

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