...the website

This website was originally just holding space for my larger projects, but I'm hoping to turn it into the primary location to find my works. I'm not claiming that they're this huge thing everyone should care about and that they should push me into stardom, but I like making things and I like having people see them. In addition, I can't completely trust modern social media platforms to keep my things safe as they all seem prone to being stupid or unreliable, so I need my own location for my things.

That being said, if you ever find something of mine (tagged as Cublex or Tessaract2, or an alt on those) that isn't linked here, please let me know so I can add it!

...the Cublex

The username is pronounced "cube-lex". I've got about a thousand interest, but a few have stayed with me - videogames (mostly non-AAA titles), video editing, technology in general, food, and nature. I also have an odd affinity for complicated ranking systems, as well as media archival. I've got ADHD, so the variety of things I do and attempt to do will reflect that. I'm not a web developer by any means, and I actually dislike writing code, but basic HTML is simple enough that I can deal with it. I'm 20 as of writing this, I use he/him pronouns, I'm gay, and a furry. I kinda dislike the whole "tell us about yourself" thing (although I do feel it's necessary), so you're more likely to find more about me through the media I've created.

...supporting me

I will never charge for the things I create. I'll never do it. The best way to support me in my endeavors is to show other people those things. I make things to be seen, so they're free, available to everyone, and never off limits. However, we do live in a world where money is a sign of value, and you may value my stuff enough to pay for it. So you can, if you'd like. My current form of monetary support is Ko-fi. Both one-time and subscription donations are available, with a lowest unit of $5. What you get for doing so is listed on Ko-fi. It may change over time, but what you get will always be somewhat superficial.

Thank you to: Clyde, GR8Gamer, Ryuto Setsujin, Rusty, Kaps.

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